Lenny Behm is the President of Behm Energy, Inc.  Lenny’s experience and training in the industry led him and his wife, Karen, to concentrate their efforts on oil exploration & production by forming Behm Energy in 1985. The company’s focus has been in North Dakota and Montana because of Lenny’s life-long history and knowledge of those areas.

Lenny Behm began working for his father, Nieman Behm, at a young age.  Nieman Behm opened the family’s first business, Behm’s Garage and petroleum bulk plant, near Minot in 1933.  Throughout the ‘40s, ‘50s and ‘60s, Nieman cultivated its growth from humble beginnings into a number of energy-related companies.  As Lenny and his siblings became adults, they operated a trucking corporation (Power Fuels), workover rigs (Prairie Energy), retail and wholesale fuel sales (Behm’s Propane), as well as oil & gas exploration & production (SunBehm Gas & Exploration).  In 1989, the family sold their jointly owned interests.

Behm Energy has over 25 years of success.  Part of that history can be credited to the advantages of being locally owned. Lenny prefers to do business with an emphasis on real people and personal service.  Another advantage is Behm Energy’s consistent success through past market times.  This is attributable to Lenny’s understanding of the areas, personal relationships with industry partners, and his team of geologists, geophysicists, land people, and office staff.

Given its proven prior performance, Behm Energy is equipped for continued future success and has several projects underway to facilitate that success.

Explore. Develop. Produce.