Behm’s long business history throughout the region, personal knowledge of the area, and relationships with industry partners allow us to run cost effective operations. Maintaining low operating overhead and taking a very active, hands-on role in drilling project management are just some of the added benefits our company provides. 

In new Project Areas where Behm explores for oil and gas, the drilling procedure is to first drill a vertical test through several potential pay-zones until reaching projected total depth, with the Red River zone usually being the deepest targeted interval. All zones between the surface and Red River are thoroughly evaluated using mud-logging equipment and drill-stem tests as well as other technologies. If the evaluations indicate a vertical completion effort would best augment a potential formation, then Behm will complete the well as a vertical producer. If a potential horizontal reservoir is revealed within the Mississippian or Devonian, Behm may elect to perform horizontal completions in one or more zones.